About Us


2017-2018 Board Members

Founded in 1915, the Woman’s Club of Winter Park is one of the oldest not-for-profit community organizations in Winter Park, Florida. Our members are diverse; we are:

• a Community Organization, donating to local not-for-profits serving various needs of the community • a Social & Cultural Club, offering opportunities for women interested in making new social, professional and community connections • a Rental Venue, making our distinctive historic house available to members and non-members alike

Mission The Woman’s Club of Winter Park is dedicated to community service, charitable giving, educational enrichment and scholarship. Our club serves as a base from which women can lead and participate in community projects while enjoying camaraderie with fellow members. Preservation of our historic clubhouse unites us as we honor our history and embrace the future. Vision We envision the WCWP as a pillar of Winter Park, with our beautifully restored historic clubhouse serving as a center for women to lead and participate in good works that enrich our community. We conduct exciting, successful programs that contribute to the community and enhance our sense of teamwork. Our success and camaraderie draw active new members who bring diversity and freshness to the organization. We operate efficiently with rich, full, effective committees and broad participation. Board of Directors The Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for the financial management of all activities of The Woman’s Club. It meets the first Wednesday of every month at 9:30 am. Board members, including President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, are elected to two-year terms.

Woman’s Club of Winter Park Board Members 2017-2018

Judy Allen, President

Nancy Miles, Vice President/President Elect

Jean Rife, Recording Secretary

Sue Luongo, Corresponding Secretary

JoAnn Walker Ralston, Finance

Arlene Bridges, Treasurer

Beverly Cox, Assistant Treasurer

Sandra Blossey, Programs

Barbara Hughes, Scholarship

Karen Rodda, House

Maureen Holloway, Grounds

Marilyn Cromer, Charitable Giving

Christine Bush, Membership

Mabel Rasmussen, Ways and Means

Kim Mould, Historian

Meredith Murphy, Parliamentarian

Sarah Eagan, Hospitality

Carmen Muniz, Yearbook